Fanny and Ginseng

My name is Fanny Norrman, I’m 20 years old and I recently moved from Pohjanmaa to Helsinki.Two years ago it was decided that I would take care of Ginseng, as he previously was owned by my brother. Ginseng has lived on our farm since he was half a year old, and my brother broke him in and made an excellent schoolhorse. Me on the other hand, used to ride my connemara pony in the forest. I have participated in several clinics with Anna-Clara Olofson. However when I started out with Ginseng he quickly learned to boss around with me. At one point I had difficulties getting up on his back, since he would just go backwards as soon as I tried to get up. But in October 2016 Ginseng and I went to the Netherlands to be a working student at Ylvie Fros. I spent 4 months there, and participated in one Christofer and Rebecca clinic, and in one Bent clinic. Thanks to Ylvie I got the tools necessary to be able work and grow with Ginseng. This summer we have been doing a lot of liberty training, to further advance in good relationship. We recently moved to Helsinki, and we are now working on Ginsengs hindlegs and his suppleness. My goal for this clinic is to work a bit more towards collection in ridning, while keeping Ginseng soft and supple. And of course, to have fun.