Jessica and Fölis

My name is Jessica. I bought my first Icelandicpony for over twenty years ago together with my sister. I got introduced to the Academic Art of Riding and Hanna Engström for about twelve years ago. During the years I have been training for different trainers and now Anna-Clara Olofsson and Annika Keller are my trainers.

This weekend I will work together with my horse Hindelstorp's Thunderbird (aka Fölis). He is a 9 years old gelding who is our own breeding. During the last year we have been focusing on groundwork and loungeing, and we will also put our focus to that this weekend. Fölis can be too much horse for me sometimes so we need to find each other from the ground and I feel like we are progressing all the time. This is our first clinic with Bent and I hope we will enjoy it.