Katarina and Cerezo

My name is Katarina, and I come from Ostrobothnia in Western Finland. When I bought my first horse in 2007, I participated in a clinic in the Academic Art of Riding, and have been stuck since then. The first couple of years I combined AAoR with English dressage, which I also competed in. I have during the years ridden for a few Bent Branderup ® Trainers from all over Europe, but mostly for Anna-Clara Olofsson. In 2013 I was at Michelle Wolf’s place in Denmark as a working student. I have also ridden for Bent a few times and in 2015 I made the Squire-test with my warmblood-trotter. In my hometown I work part time with teaching (giving lessons) and training horses. I have also done some liberty work and think it’s a good compliment to the AAoR

Cerezo is a 7-year old PRE gelding. I bought him from Sweden when he was 1 year, so we've been together almost all his life. When he was three he was with me to Denmark, where we got a lot of help with the basic work from the ground. When he was four I started riding him and on the autumn he also got castrated. Last year he got some problems with his teeth and during the summer he also got diagnosed with bone spavin, so we had a tough year, but now he is much better.

Lately we have worked a lot with longeing and cross over/ long rein-position. I think it's so interesting to work from the ground and there is always new things to learn and new angels on things. So I'm hoping to get some feedback on the work we've done and guidance on how to continue. This is the third clinic that me and Cerezo will participate in.

Tämä hevosikko on ollut mukana Branderupin kursseilla myös aikaisemmin