Eda and Ursprung xx

My name is Eda Vallimäe and I come from Tartu, Estonia. I have a background with horses since I was 12 years old and I have always been interested in other ways than sportsriding. In search of knowledge and new skills, I have spent two years as a student in different natural horsemanship and classical riding stables in England and Germany. In 2009 I found academic art of riding and spent 7 months as a working student in Marius Schneider stable in Gestüt Moorhof in Germany. With Marius and his schoolmasters I learned basic knowledge about groundwork, work in hand and riding in the academic art of riding style. After that, I have participated as a auditor in clinics with Bent, Celina Harich, Hanna Engström and this year, I also spent a training week with Jossy Reynvoet in Belgium and I hope to continue learning from him in the future. This year I organized first Marius Schneider clinic in Estonia and and I think our local community is also steadily growing. At home I work as a human physiotherapist and also part-time give lessons and seminars related to horsemanship, groundwork and riders seat training. My big passion is learning about and teaching riders seat.

This is first time for me to take part in Bent training clinic with a horse. My horse is Ursprung xx, 9 year old English Thoroughbred gelding. He comes from a racing stable in Germany and I have him since he was 2 and a half years old and was considered too slow for racing. Our first years together were full of ups and downs- he was very unbalanced and weak, always bucking when wearing a saddle, could not canter on right lead and I was too afraid to ask anything from him without thinking he would fall apart. I started training him in constant manner in academic riding style in 2014. This horse’s sensitivity has taught me a lot about awareness and his body conformation has made me rethink again and again how to use the training principles to help the horse. It has already been a long and exciting journey!