Sonja och Asterix

Asterix is a 8 year old knabstrupper and I´ve owned him since he was 3 years old. I came in touch with the Academic art of riding for the first time in 2001 and have on a regular basis participated in clinics with different trainers since then. In 2011 I worked as a working student for Hanna Engström and been visiting her as a weekstudent several times since then. In 2015-2016 I´ve participated in Christofer Dahlgrens Intensive course step 1-3, in 2017 we have the final fourth one. Anna-Clara Olofsson is also a trainer I´ve had for many years now. During my path in the academic art of riding I met a lot of different trainers, all of them bringing a piece to the puzzle, Suzanne Cewe, Celina Harich and Carina Eriksson just to mantion a few of them. I´m now in the middel of building up an own place for me and my horses close to Vaasa. I give clinics and lessons on a regular basis.

Last year on the Bent clinic me and Asterix made the groundwork and longetest, in this years training we have been focusing a lot more on the riding. We are both very moveable, which is good, but also can give a lot of tension. So I´ve been working to find a relaxed balanced seat so I can help Asterix the best way I can. I look forward to see how we can continue our training with Bent.

I´ve seen how much this way of training can help the horse to become even more beautiful, proud and healthy. So I hope this clinic can give us a lot of new interesting keys for our journey.


Asterix är en sjuårig knabstruppervalack jag haft sedan han var tre år.

Han är från början skolad enligt den Akademiska Ridkonstens principer och vi har prioriterat mycket arbete från marken.

Själv började jag intressera mig för Akademisk Ridkonst år 2001, och har regelbundet utbildat mig i ridkonstens tecken sedan dess.

Genom mina egna och elevers hästar har jag sett hur mycket den Akademiska Ridkonsten kan göra för kroppen och själen hos både hästar och ryttare.

Jag väntar med spänning på vad framtid ännu har att visa, min önskan är att ytterligare bli mer samspelt och ha glada, stolta och smidiga hästar.