BB in Finland

6. - 7.10.2018

Bent Branderup was first time in Finland 2015, and coming back already fourth time on 2018

Clinics language English.

Please send e-mail to
Tell your name, address, e-mail address, and if you are vegeterian/non-lactose-/non-gluten eater.
You will get an invoice and when you have paid that, your place is secured.

Clinic starts on Saturday at 9:00 with theory - please come in time, so that we actually can start at 9:00


There are places for 8 riders. Riding places are pre-reserved to the members of the Knighthood of the Akademic Art of Riding and those who would like to take some tests to become a member. But everybody is welcome to ask a place and there will always be big need for reserve persons if somebody gets sick.


Rooms on the farm are booked for the riders.
There is places near by you can contact: