Tarja and Viesina

Viesina is 18 years old Finnhorse mare. She supposed to be a trotter but then the life decided change these plans and my husband Matti bought her to me as a riding horse. We faced a lot of problems with her behavior, health, speed etc. I wanted a break with her and Viesina got a foal 2012. After that I got a possibility to see Hanna Engstöm`s lessons and I wanted join in her course. It was August 2013 when we started study AAoR in Hanna´s educational group and now we just finished Celina Harich`s educational group (lasted two years). We have been taking part in Hanna`s courses in Finland and we are also taking lessons from Sara Autelo. Two years ago we passed the Groundwork and Longe Test. We have also been practicing liberty work a little and that has been good for our relationship. Tis path has been so interesting and day by day we are having more steps together - not easy but amazing! I am Tarja, 49 years old friend and owner of Viesina and I am so happy and proud to say that.

Tämä hevosikko on ollut mukana Branderupin kursseilla myös aikaisemmin